The draft version of Prices is available in epub format now, for free! This volume collects the 6 stories that make up Prices into a single volume, as originally intended, and provides a much better reading experience than you'd have here on the site.

Prices is a multi-generational set of stories following Altman Dolet and his descendants through time as they move from the proto-steampunk age through steampunk and beyond, working to preserve and protect science and learning in the face of the Conclave, an organization dedicated to maintaining their position as the gatekeepers of all knowledge.

Stories included are:

  • The Price of Independence
  • The Price of Demand
  • The Price of Success
  • The Price of Dedication
  • The Price of Inattention
  • The Price of Good Fortune

Also includes an excerpt from The Price of Entanglement, a 7th Prices story that takes the world depicted into something resembling our near-future, equivalent to the 2040s or thereabouts.

Prices Free ePub eBook

Prices Free Mobi eBook for Kindle